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About String-A-Ma-Jigs


For years, I have used a simple, black “W” vibration dampener in my racquet strings to gain a smooth feeling shot and to get rid of the annoying ”ping” sound.  Whenever I’d see someone using a unique dampener with a fun design, I’d ask, “where did you buy your string thing?”  Most received them as gifts at a tournament, or at some other random occasion, and I found it very hard to find them in stores or online.  Loving any kind of cute tennis accessory, I decided to start my own business, String-a-ma-jig.com.  Along with the help of designer, Aaron Kent Warder, (aaronkentwarder.com) our designs make it easy for players, like me, to make their racquets more attractive while also providing the function of a good, snug dampener.

I look forward to helping you with your order and I hope you have fun jazzing-up your racquet!


NicheNET Inc
18 Minnesota Ave
Warwick, RI 02888